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Vote No On Proposition 25!
Vote No On Proposition 25!

California’s Proposition 25 would eliminate a person’s Constitutional Right to bail, by upholding a law passed (SB10) in 2018. This law will be bad for those Arrested, Victims of Crimes and our Public Safety. That is why we are urging people to Vote No on Prop. 25. Please click below to learn more.

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The Padillas are veterans of the bail industry in Northern California. Greg Padilla Bail Bonds was founded in 1979 by Greg Padilla; his son Topo Padilla came onboard soon thereafter, and it’s been a family firm ever since. In 2019 we will be celebrating 40 years providing bail services in Sacramento. Throughout those 40 years we have developed a reputation we’re proud of. We remain independent in order to maintain and manage the personal relationship with our clients, and the legal community, that we’re famous for.

We are committed to assisting those who find themselves incarcerated. Our clients have not been convicted of any crime. You or your loved one can expect nothing less than the most professional and capable handling of their particular situation. Greg and Topo take pride in knowing that their many satisfied clients have shared their appreciation of the excellent service they have received through Greg Padilla Bail Bonds.

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Bail Bonds In California Are Under Attack.

California’s SB10 bail ‘reform’, passed in August 2018, is a bad law. It will provide the worst of both worlds. Bail will be refused to those who deserve it, and dangerous criminals who should be detained will be delivered back to the streets.

Thanks to the efforts of the Padillas and other Sacramento Bail Bondsmen, a campaign to delay the enaction of the law was successful. SB10 will now be put to a referendum in November 2020. The people of the great state of California will decide if they want the constitutional right to bail to be outlawed.

Padilla Bail Bonds is working tirelessly to protect YOUR right to bail. For information and updates, please visit our SB10 Bail Reform page, or call our office at 888-449-2663. Thank you.