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Interviewer: What Would You Say to Someone Who Missed Court and Has a Warrant?

Topo: Well if I could speak to someone directly… If you’re out there and you missed court, the thing of it is… is that it’s not going to go away. You have a warrant, you’re wanted, you’re living with the anxiety you’re not able to go home and see your family. You’re constantly nervous. Every time you see a cop car I know you’re nervous. The fact of the matter is this we want to help you get this thing resolved. We can help you. We can help you sometimes without you going back to jail .

The thing you’ve got to do is to trust us. Call us. We can schedule a new court date and we can help you walk through the front doors of the courthouse with us. With the objective of speaking to the court that we want to get you a new court date, we want to reinstate your bond without you having to go back to jail. And oftentimes when you do that, we can reinstate your bond. It’s when you do the latter and that is where you take off and you run and you get apprehended by law enforcement or you’re apprehended by Fugitive Recovery Agent that then your chances of getting your bond reinstated and staying out on the same bond are less.

The thing of it is, when they won’t reinstate your bond for you to get caught by law enforcement, it’s it’s still not the end of the world. We will get you back out of jail . Yes they might raise your bail because you’ve missed court but you know what? it’s not the end of the world the whole objective of the bail industry us to get people out of jail that you don’t have to sit in jail while you’re waiting for your court date. It’s not so you can run from the situation. So we want to help you… our integrity means everything in the world to us, so if you do miss court let me tell you something we really truly mean it . If you don’t trust us and you play games with us, unfortunately we might have to come get you. But we don’t want to do that.

So if there’s one thing I can say to you is this… if you’ve missed court, if you think you have a warrant I don’t care if you’re not even out on bail with us, you call my office, we will talk to you we will help you get through this situation so that you can get your life back you can get rid of all of the agony and anxiety you can be with your family and you can get on with life.