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What Would Make a Person Choose One Bail Bond Company Over Another? | Topo Padilla of Greg Padilla Bail Bonds Explains

So what would make me choose one bail bond company over another?

Well first and foremost, the bail industry is made up of some of the most dynamic, motivated, hard-working people you’ll ever find in any industry.

In our industry over the past 20 years things have developed. There’s some large corporations that are in the bail bond industry that make up, you know a small segment of our industry. There are a lot of one and two-person operations where they might not have any employees that might just be partners and that’s it. And then there’s a segment, you know, kind of what we fall into here at Greg Padilla Bail Bonds. And that is we’re a family owned and operated business. We have 13 employees, we operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While you’re still dealing with a big company, which we are, we can handle anything and everything you need throughout the country. At the same time you’re going to get personal service. My father and I are here every day, one of my family members is pretty much going to be here every day. But even at that, the employees that work for us are people that have worked with us for us for long term. I have employees that have been here 25 years and some that have only been here for 5, they’re all valuable to our business.

And so you know what you want to do when picking on a bail bond company is as find one that is going to answer your questions and your concerns… and you feel comfortable those answers and those concerns. You you know, you kind of want to stay away from the fast-talkin’ sales pitch or the high pressured situations you want to make sure that you’re comfortable with what you’re being told your concerns are being addressed and in the timely manner. Because a lot of times when you call some of these smaller companies you know they might be off doing something else they don’t have any other employees they can call and they might not be able to address your situation as quick as you want.

The bigger corporations, you know they’re they’re great. I can’t say anything too bad about them other than the fact that those corporate dollars that they make may not stay in the community and not something you want to think about and they might have a bigger mindset of taking care of you personally you know just like some of the big fast food chains or not as good as the local restaurants that you can go to that good burger you can get at the hometown feel. And again, knowing that when doing business with a company like Greg Padilla Bail Bonds, your money is going to stay local. We’re going to stay in our communities, we’re involved in our communities, we take care of a lot of non-profit organizations we give to a lot of organizations in our community and you know that’s one of the reasons why I think a company like ours stays in business. We take care of our employees and at the end of the day our customers leave here knowing they came in with a handshake and often times they leave with a hug.