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Bail Bonds Chico

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Bail Bonds Chico | Butte County Courthouse

Bail Bonds Chico | Butte County Courthouse

It’s critically important you have the best team of bail bond agents on your side when you or your loved one needs bail bonds in Chico, CA.

Greg Padilla Bail Bonds is the premier bail bond agency in Chico CA and surrounding areas. Contact Greg Padilla Bail Bonds Today: 530-892-2663 – Chico CA (Butte County)


Although bail bonds are a term that has cemented itself in the American lexicon, many people don’t understand what a bail bond is or how bail works, what the cost of a bail bond will be, or how posting bail works. We’re here to answer all of these questions (and many others) to help make the bail bonds process as simple as possible.
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What Happens To My Bail Bond If I Missed My Court Date?

A bail bond has one purpose and that is to insure the appearance of a person in court. The bail bond is an insurance policy between the court and our agency to guarantee your appearance in court. The bail bond is valid for the entire time a person is going to court once the person is released on bail.
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Download Forms

Per the instructions given by our agent, you can either fill the forms out and fax them back to our office at 916-446-1076, or if you have the ability, you can download the forms, print the necessary forms, fill the forms out, then you can either scan them and then e-mail them back to or you can fax them to 916-446-1076. Again this process will be discussed with you by our agent at the time of your initial call.
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Pay for Bail

To pay for your bail, click on the “Pay Now” button below, which will take you to a secure encrypted PayPal page where you can pay the amount of bail you have been required to pay.
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Immediate bail bond services in Chico, California.
Nationwide service available.

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