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Why Bail Bondsmen Exist

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This is Topo Padilla from Greg Padilla Bail Bonds, and I want to explain to you what the bail industry does and why.

First and foremost the bail industry and bail bondsmen help keep the wheels of justice turning.

This is done by making sure that people accused of a crime appear in court. We also (and very importantly might add) grant a person that is arrested the right to bail, which is a constitutional right.

While some think this might not be very popular, when it is you…a loved one…or a friend sitting in jail, it becomes extremely important.

It’s just like this … until you need a lawyer you hate em’, until you need a cop you don’t like em’, and until you are sitting in a jail cell you have no idea how much you now love your bail bondsman.

So now you know.

And if you ever find yourself in need of a bail bondsman make sure to call Greg Padilla Bail Bonds at 916-446-2663.

That is 916-446 B-O-N-D (2663), or toll free at 888-449-2663.


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  • This is correct. There are many varoitians from county to county on how a Bail Bonds is determined. A judge uses their discretion and it will vary from case to case. A bond is given so that a defendant may be released to obtain an attorney and build an adequete defense for their case. In most cases, everyone is eligable for bond, but in some situations, a bond is not issued.

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