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Jail and Your American Rights


While no one wants to go to jail, and at the same time the victim and their family doesn’t want the accused released from jail, please understand the bail bond industry is not in a position to sit in judgment of the guilt or innocence of a person in jail.

However, it IS our job to provide a person the right to be released from jail by guaranteeing their appearance in court with a bail bond.

The United States Constitution, specifically the 8th Amendment, guarantees this right, and this is another reason the United States is the greatest and most civilized country in the world.

So if you ever find yourself in need of calling a bail bondsman, make sure not to just call any bail agency, call Greg or Topo at Greg Padilla Bail Bonds at 446-BOND (2663).

That is Greg Padilla Bail Bonds at 446-B-O-N-D (2-6-6-3), or you find more information about us right here on our website at

Click here if you are looking for someone in the Inmate information in Sacramento County Jail.  Looking for someone outside Sacramento County? Click here.


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